Practical Subject Lesson Overview

Via Musica provides practical music lessons on various instruments at all levels. We mainly provide lessons on piano, violin, and guitar; lesson on other instruments are offered depending on the availability of the teachers.

Lessons are conducted individually with one of our qualified teachers, group lesson is available upon request.

All new students are required to register. All returning students are also required to re-register in September of each year.

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Group Lesson Policy

  1. Registration:
    1. Registration for each course is required for both new and return students. Please register at www.Via under “Music Lessons” tab.
  2. Tuition Fees:
    1. Tuition & applicable fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each month. Cash or checque only. Post-dated cheques are welcome.
    2. An one time, non-refundable $25.00 registration fee is applied to new students. Siblings receive $5.00 discount.
    3. There is no discount on tuition. Please do not bargain nor negotiate.
    4. For returned cheque (NSF, stopped payment, etc): a $30.00 (per transaction) administrative fee will be charged.
    5. Via Musica purchases materials on behalf of students as a free service. Once the order is submitted, there will be no refund nor return.
    6. The recital room, practice rooms, and pianos are available for rent when available, please contact administration for details.
    7. Should there be any damages to instruments, equipment or the premise caused by the student and/or his/her company, the student will be responsible for the repair, or replacement of the damaged items.
  3. Withdrawal and Refund:
    1. A written withdrawal notice must be submitted to the office 30 days prior to the actual withdrawal date.
    2. Any balance in the student’s account, after necessary deduction, will be refunded.
  4. Exam Application:
    1. Examination application is student’s responsibility, Via Musica will not automatically apply on student’s behalf.
    2. Online application for RCME examinations is available at Paper based application will cost extra.
    3. Application submitted after deadline is subjected to late fee and paper handling fee, charged by RCME.
    4. Please use the appropriate RCM Teacher Number when register: Dennis Chan – 51179, (USA students - 11842), Jonathan Huang - 55155, Jade Wan – 44470, Via Musica - 57835.
  5. Lesson expectation:
    1. Students must pay total attention in class. Phone call, messaging, portable music or internet devices, IM, FB, social networking sites, etc, are not allowed.
    2. Students must not disrupt the flow of the lesson, the teacher reserves the right to terminate lesson if necessary.
    3. Students must fulfill all given assignments on a timely matter. Regular practices of material taught is required.
    4. Students are encouraged to participate in ensembles if available, in order to enrich the student’s musicality.
    5. Via Musica does not and cannot guarantee exam result, for students’ effort and dedication affect the outcome greatly.
  6. Online Pratical Lesson:
    1. Students must have high-speed internet, a SKYPE account, webcam, headset with mic, scanner, and a fast computer.
    2. Students must position himself/herself in a quiet location, free from any distractions such as TV, radio, phone, family, IM, social networking sites, etc.
    3. Online lessons are “live” sessions, students must sign on promptly.
    4. Via Musica will provide reasonable technical aid to setup online lessons, however, the school does not provide ongoing technical support.
  7. Lesson Rescheduling and Cancellation: 1.If student is unable to attend lesson for any personal reason, (exam preparation, school trip, project completion, vacation, etc), a minimum of 48 hours notice is required. Lesson fee will be charged otherwise. Make-up lesson might be possible within the following 4 weeks depending on the teacher’s availability.
    1. If student is unable to attend class due to emergency or unexpected event, (sickness, traffic accident, etc), lesson may be cancelled, postponed, or make-up without penalty. In such event, student/parent should notify the school as soon as possible.
    2. If student anticipates an extended leave of absence such as vacation, mission trip, etc, please give a 30 days advance notice.
    3. Preparing for school examinations, projects, or vacations etc; are not considered as emergency nor unexpected events. They cannot be used as recurring excuses for lesson cancellation. Student’s attendance is expected to be 85% or higher per annum. Via Musica will charge the full lesson fee if student repeatedly cancel lessons or no-show. Via Musica reserves the right to give away the student’s time slot to other more committed students;or terminates the student’s enrolment.
    4. Students can request longer or extra lessons. The availability is at the discretion of the teacher, fee will be charged accordingly.
    5. Time lost because of a student’s tardiness will not be made up.
  8. High school accreditation policy: Please visit for more details