Mentorship for Worship Team (for house of worship or religious organization)

Dennis Chan actively performs in and trains worship teams in Hongkong, Seattle, and Toronto for over 30 years. He offers coaching to newly formed groups, or enrichment to experienced teams. Coaching areas include musicianship, arrangement, worship leading technique, working with technology and technicians, theological references, etc.

He has participated as musician, sound technician, and coach for organizations such as Youth For Christ, HK, Ambassadors For Christ's Teens Conference, Toronto; for churches such as Evangelical Chinese Church, Seattle; Toronto Chinese Community Church, North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church, etc.

Mentorship for Conductor

Dennis Chan grew up with school Christian choirs, church choirs, and started taking conducting lessons at the age of 16. With violin as his primary instrument and his involvement with youth orchestras and semi-professional orchestras; he is at home with both orchestral and choral settings. Dennis offers private or group lessons for choral or orchestral conducting. Lessons include score study, historical & musical research, preparation of rehearsal, rehearsal planning and management, conducting techniques, etc. New or experienced conductors are welcome.

He conducted and trained with choirs and orchestras such as Pui Ching Middle School Christian Choir HK, Academic Community Church (now University Baptist Church) HK, Evangelical Chinese Church Choir and Orchestra, Seattle, Toronto Chinese Community Church Choir and Orchestra, and Toronto Mass Choir. Dennis was also an assistant conductor to several opera productions in Seattle, including Dido & Aeneas, Hansel & Gretel, The Beggar's Opera, and L'Orfeo.

Workshop Speaker

Dennis also offers workshops and facilitates discussion groups for worship department in churches; to help diagnose possible problems, to assist their goal setting, and to help implement their developmental plans.

A/V Training for Live Event or Recording Studio Setup

Dennis received his first audio-visual technical training in his summer volunteering internship in Youth For Christ, HK in 1981. He continues to develop the skill and studied electronic music, digital recording alongside his conducting study. Comfortable in both studio recording, live event and live recording; Dennis has trained many sound technicians in churches as well as large scale events such as Teens Conference.

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